Here's a list of shows I have been to.. Hopefully many many more will be added. :)

Date Who Where Comments
09-07-96 Strangefolk Waterville Opera House, Waterville, Maine. 1st concert ever!!! Dont remember much, but it was neat.
04-26-97 Strangefolk " "
02-04-98 " " University of Maine, Orono Went with Ashley! Her first show ever!
04.03.98 " " Merrell Gym
02-06-99 " " State Theatre, Portland, Maine
04-23-99 " " Colby College, Waterville, Maine Went with Ashley. I think this is the one where Erik did "Viva Las Vegas" in the encore. It was awesome!
07-23-99 " " The Asylum, Portland, Maine This was supposed to be at the State Theatre but ended up being changed. It was packed and hot as hell in there. Ashleigh's first show!
02-12-00 " " Bates College, Lewiston People made piles of coats and stuff. It was neat. Dined w/ Erik.
06-24-00 " " Gathering of the Vibes, Bridgeport, CT Was visiting my bro Joel in Ct. We headed down to Bridgeport for the show.  It was pretty cool! Got to hang out w/ Erik a lot.
02-24-01 " " State Theatre, Portland, Maine First time seeing the band w/ Patchen and Scott.  Went with Sis, Ashley and Ashleigh.  Lots of fun dancing.  
04-27-01 " " Webster Theatre, Hartford, CT My neice was newly born so we were visiting her and took her to meet Erik.  Webster is a pretty cool place.  I sat back and wrote some poetry to the music
09-20-01 Howie Day! Paradise Rock Club, Boston, Mass. First Howie show! Met up w/ some people from the hdtb. Pete, Cabby, Manda, Patty were there. Good show. although howie was pretty quiet. Loved the venue.
09-21-02 Strangefolk Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, Providence, RI Manda and Pete showed up for this one too.  Great, fun show. Mandas first show, Pete's first time actually being IN the venue for a show. Ate dinner w/ Erik before hand at an expensive restaurant. Felt really out of place.
01-05-02 " " Sugarloaf USA, Maine Went with Kate! Her first show! Amazing show! First show w/ Don  Scott on keys.  Danced all night. Jacob was there too. he was real tired though, I dont think he remembers it.
5.23.02 Patchen Montgomery & Erik Glockler Mainely Brews, Waterville, Maine Went w/ the fam. Wasn't legally allowed in the bar, but im glad I went. it was an acoustic set and they played some good stuff. enjoyed it very much!
7-17-02 John Mayer Boston Fleet Pavillion, Boston, MA. First JM show!! Sweet as hell. Loved it.  He played a little on keys which was awesome. <3'd the reworked Why Did You Mess w/ Forever.. and how he got down on his stomach on the stage and asked some girl what she wanted to hear and played it solo! Met Faye pre-show!! Handed out HD sheeot w/ her! Definitely cool shit. :)
8-8-02 Strangefolk Alive At 5, Monument Square, Portland, Maine. Good show!! Outdoor venue, had a cool, free flowing vibe to it. TONS of people. It was a free show.. Nothing really spectacular for me, but Escalator was amazing as always. Also got to hear some new tunes. Met Andy! Fun stuff.
8.31-9.1.02 " " 7th Annual Garden of Eden @ Haystrack Mountain, Wilmington VT My first Eden!! So much fun. Great great shows. Food backstage was excellent. I got a laminate. OoOo. Escalator rocked my world as always. Led Zep cover, Could you be loved, Life in Wartime... good stuff. :) got to ride in the band van w/ erik and jon.
1.10-11.03 " " Sugarloaf USA, Maine 2 nights.Good shows. Took Megan. Crowd was pretty pushy though. not enjoyable. 2nd night, 2nd set was the best. Celebrated Ashtons birthday. Jacob made it for this show too. Halfway thru the 2nd set on the 2nd night. Good dancing, good times. Lots of attractive males. :)
3.7.03 Maroon5, Marc Broussard, Paranoid Social Club, Carbondale. The Edge, Augusta, ME Megan and I did this one up.  Impressed in one way or another by all the opening bands. Lots of fun. Good groovin, good times. Small venue. Wouldn't mind seeing them all again.
3.21.03 Strangefolk State Theatre, Portland, ME Took Jennie and Calvin! Good show, i got to dance ALL night. My Twentieth Strangefolk Show!!!!
6.13.03 Strangefolk Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel,
Providence RI.
Most amazing show I've seen to date. Didn't bring anyone. But Andy from Peabody found me and I hung out w/ him and his friends. I got lots of hugs that night!! Great show.
7.18.03 "                       " some farm in Norridgewock, Maine. LATE show... took Jamie Glasby from SC. Left before the show was over (it was 3am!)
8.7.03 "                    " City Monument Square, Alive @ 5, Portland, ME Brought Meggo! Good show. Rae was there! Got her an autograph from Jon :D Whole family was there... last Maine show before hiatus :'(
8.29-8.31.03 "                          "    8th Annual Garden of Eden, Crete Memorial Park, Plattsburgh, NY Last show before hiatus. Trekked 8 hours there w/ Erik and Steph. Camped out w/ Marci, Meg (Steph's sister) and Meg's friend Ben. Good times. Very sad. Reid played with them. Saw Alex and Andy from the Prov. show. Beautiful site.
9.2.03 Matt Nathanson! University of Maine, Orono, ME Snuck off to this with Jennie. Didn't even tell my parents I was going. Saw the Vachon! Bought and lost stuff. Bought some more. Good show! I think I was the only person who was a fan of his before the show! Emm Gryner opened.
10.28.03 Maroon5, Gavin DeGraw, Michael Tolcher MCA, University of Maine, Orono. Did some Streetteaming for this show w/ Meg and Holly. Hung up tons of fliers and passed out cds and stuff. Got tix to the show & went w/ Meg. Lots of fun! Closed w/ "Frontin" by Pharell haha. Got backstage passes, met and got autographs from all the guys. Saw the drummer in his boxers! :-x It was hot.
12.31.03 Strangefolk!! State Theatre, Portland, ME Went to this ALL BY MYSELF. Was quite proud of driving there on my own. Saw everyone I hadn't seen since Eden. THREE SETS. My best New Year's Eve yet. :D
2.6.04 Soulive Colby College Coolest show I've ever seen. Reggie Watts came out on vocals. Snuck backstage with Jennie. I dig their hiphop. Debuted a lot of material from the album they're working on. Definitely awesome.