Funny Story!

This certainly amused me, I hope you like it too :)

SilentB291: i got a good story..
SilentB291: well my mom got a kick out of it might be good...
YourPureAngel: lol okay.
SilentB291: so at the airport, when your boarding the plane...the flight attendants take random people aside and search them and stuff....
YourPureAngel: uh huh
SilentB291: so this kid...probly about my pulled aside in the first group of boarding people...and the chik is goin through all his bags and goin over him with the metal detector thing..and im sittin there watchin thinkin "ahh he probly feels pretty dumb"...
YourPureAngel: uh huh
SilentB291: so im in line to board the plane, and that kid is just getting done being searched...and i just look over there and happen to make eye contact with the searcher chik...
SilentB291: and she goes "come over here" haha
SilentB291: im like damn it!
YourPureAngel: lol
SilentB291: so i was carrying my mom's carry-on bag cause she didnt want to...
YourPureAngel: lol yeah
SilentB291: and its this girly purple bag...
YourPureAngel: hehehe
YourPureAngel: how sweet of you
SilentB291: and i take it off and put it on the table, and she opens up the side pocket and looks in there and its full of pads...or whatever those things are for your period
SilentB291: and she opened that and im like =-O ...!
YourPureAngel: lol!
YourPureAngel: lmao
SilentB291: im like "its not mine i swear!" haha and she was crackin up
SilentB291: she's like "suuuure its not yours"
YourPureAngel: lmao
YourPureAngel: im just sitting here cracking up
SilentB291: then she looks in the other compartment and theres more in there
SilentB291: it was bad hahahaha
YourPureAngel: definitely laughing uncontrolably.
SilentB291: hahahaha
SilentB291: i thought you might like that :-)
YourPureAngel: lol thats the funniest thing i've heard in a long time!!
YourPureAngel: lol im gonna make a page on my website with that on it
SilentB291: hahaha
SilentB291: haha ok :-)

aah, one of the many reasons why I love Dave. That and his renditions of "like a prayer!"